Maple Syrup Facts

Maple Syrup Facts

all about grading and nutrition

In 2015, the USDA revised the maple syrup grading standards, and introduced a new naming system which describes the color and taste of each grade.

Can't find the grade you love? Find your match in the new grading system:

Golden Delicate replaced: Grade A Light Fancy & Grade A Light Amber
Amber Rich replaced: Grade A Medium Amber
Dark Robust replaced: Grade A Dark Amber & Grade B
Maple syrup grading system


Golden Delicate

Golden Color, Delicate Taste maple syrup has the mildest maple flavor of all the grades. This grade is typically from the very beginning of the syrup season. Its mild, delicate taste makes it perfect on foods where the subtle maple flavor can really be appreciated. Use as a glaze for cured meats, and drizzled over yogurt, oatmeal, crepes, pancakes, or waffles.

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Amber Rich

Amber Color, Rich Taste maple syrup has a smooth depth of maple flavor. It is the grade that we get during most of the syrup season. Amber maple syrup is best for all-around use - for pancakes and waffles, as well as in cooking, grilling, and baking. It's also lovely as a sweetener in cocktails, and as a topping for vanilla ice cream.

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Dark Robust

Dark Color, Robust Taste maple syrup has a much heartier maple flavor. This grade is typically from the end of the syrup season, just before the trees bud. Dark maple syrup is best used in cooking, adding a deep caramel flavor. It is the ideal sweetener for coffee drinks, and can be used as a more flavorful replacement for honey in any recipe.

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Which maple syrup grade is the healthiest?


The maple syrup grades simply refer to the color and flavor of the syrup, not its quality or nutritional value. We occasionally hear the misconception that darker maple syrup is less refined and therefore contains more nutrients. However, pure maple syrup is never refined in any way, and all the sap we collect is treated exactly the same. The darker maple syrup is simply what we get at the end of the season, just before the trees bud in early spring. Golden maple syrup is typically the very first syrup of the season, and Amber is from the middle of the season.

So, just choose the flavor you like best!
All pure maple syrup contains the many beneficial nutrients shown below.

maple syrup

minerals / nutrients





An essential trace mineral important for normal brain function and proper activity of the nervous system. Manganese also promotes healthy bone growth, increases antioxidant defenses, helps regulate insulin levels, boosts metabolism, reduces inflammation, and improves thyroid health.

riboflavin (vitamin B2)

An essential nutrient which plays a significant role in the production of energy. Riboflavin also helps in the processing of amino acids and fats, serves as an antioxidant, boosts the immune system, and helps with mineral absorption.


Essential for a healthy immune system, it plays a vital role in protein synthesis and cell production. Zinc also helps prevent prostate disorders, improves sense of taste & smell, resolves eczema and acne, and boosts reproductive health.


Vital for sustaining a normal heartbeat, it keeps your nerves, muscles, and bones healthy. Magnesium also has a positive impact on reducing osteoporosis, asthma, sugar levels, migraines, and various psychiatric disorders.


Very important for maintaining bone and dental health, as well as prevention of colon cancer and reduction of obesity. Calcium also protects cardiac muscles, reduces PMS symptoms, prevents kidney stones, and controls blood pressure.
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A powerful element in improving health, this mineral helps reduce anxiety, and is required for keeping the heart, brain, kidney, muscle tissue, and other important organ systems in good working condition.

Numbers represent percentage daily value, per 1/4 cup
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