Montmorency Cherry Maple Fruit Spread

Made with Maple

Net wt 8oz (227g)
Fruit & pure maple syrup were meant to be together.
The signature tart flavor of Montmorency cherries is the perfect pairing for maple syrup. Eat with breakfast, chocolate and almond desserts, or grilled white meats.



This sour Cherry fruit spread will become a staple at your breakfast table. The signature flavor of Michigan fruit pairs perfectly with our caramelly maple syrup. Try it with breakfast, desserts, baked goods, and grilled pork.

Montmorency cherries, pure maple syrup, lemon juice, pectin.


Sweet ways to eat

  • Warm & serve over grilled chicken or pork chops
  • Use as a topping with a caramel sundae
  • Spread on an almond croissant
  • Spoon over brownies or chocolate cheesecake
  • Use as a topping on waffles or pancakes
  • Spoon over a baked camembert cheese

About our Maple Fruit Spread

Our maple fruit spreads deliciously showcase Northern Michigan’s specialty crops – the signature flavor of Michigan fruit paired perfectly with our caramelly maple syrup. Made in small batches, with simple, natural ingredients, our fruit spreads are sweetened only with pure Michigan maple syrup. Swapping out white sugar for pure maple syrup makes a big difference in the flavor of our fruit spreads.

We do not use refined sugar or preservatives in any of our fruit spreads. All of our maple fruit spreads are vegan and made with all gluten-free ingredients.

Fruit spread vs Jam

Many people ask us, what is the difference between a fruit spread and a jam?

A fruit spread typically has actual pieces of fruit, while jam is made with pureed fruit. Our fruit spreads are made with whole berries or chopped pieces of larger fruits, which are then simmered in pure maple syrup.

A typical fruit spread is made by cooking whole fruit with sugar. We just replace the white sugar with pure maple syrup!

Additional information
Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 4.5 in

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