Maple Syrup Infusion Trio


3 – 8 oz (1/2 pint) infusions
Choose your three favorites!
Select a tasting flight of three different maple syrup infusions.




About our Maple Syrup Infusions

We pair unique ingredients with our pure Michigan maple syrup to infuse complex and delightful flavors into the caramelly maple syrup.

Our maple syrup infusions can be used just like normal maple syrup. Check out each infusion’s product page for more ideas on ‘sweet ways to eat’.

All of our maple syrup infusions are vegan and made with gluten-free ingredients.

Customer Favorite

Our Maple Syrup Infusion Trio is one of our best-selling products.

Additional information
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 9.5 × 7 in

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