Maple Syrup Tasting Flight


A tasting flight of pure maple syrup
Get all three of our syrup grades – Golden, Amber and Dark – packaged in a little wooden box. Discover which taste you prefer drizzled on or baked in to your favorite foods.

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3 – Half-pint glass bottles of Harwood Gold pure maple syrup
(1 Golden Color and Delicate Taste, 1 Amber Color and Rich Taste, 1 Dark Color and Robust Taste)

Golden Color, Delicate Taste maple syrup has the mildest maple flavor of all the grades. Its delicate taste makes it perfect as a glaze for cured meats, and many people prefer it as a topping on pancakes and waffles.

Amber Color, Rich Taste maple syrup has a smooth depth of maple flavor. Amber maple syrup is the perfect topping for pancakes and waffles, as well as for use in cooking, grilling and baking. It’s also lovely as a mild sweetener in cocktails, and as a topping on vanilla ice cream.

Dark Color, Robust Taste maple syrup has a much more concentrated maple flavor making it great for cooking, adding deep, caramel undertones to any recipe. It is the ideal sweetener for coffee drinks, and can even be used as a more flavorful replacement for honey.

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